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Compassion Scholarship Application for University or College


  • Resident of the United States.
  • Either attending or planning on attending a college or university.
  • An immediate family member of a murdered victim: (parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, sibling)

Name_____________________________ Date of Birth ______________________
Address_________________________ City_____________ State____ Zip_______
Social Security Number ___________________________
Telephone number______________________
Name of college or university (secular or religious) you will be
attending _____________________________________________________________
Address__________________________ City____________ State____ Zip________
When will you be attending_______________________________________________
Name of murdered victim__________________________________
Date of Incident_________________ Date of Death______________
Location: City_______________ State__________
Relationship of victim to applicant: (parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, sibling)

Enclose a copy of an article relating to the death of this family member.

Please submit an essay of 400 words or less on your feelings of compassion for others or how this loss affected you.
Mail application, copy of article and essay to:

Scholarship Applications
140 W. South Boundary St.
Perrysburg, OH 43551
Please note: Verification of information will be performed on all applications.

Click for a printable PDF of this application